Having difficulty conceiving?  With help from the Fertility Pillow you can improve your chances of getting pregnant.  The Fertility Pillow is patented yet easy to use to help aid in conception.How I finally became pregnant
Hi, my name is Dayna and I'm the inventor of the Fertility Pillow™. Let my story start with the end. The end result is what makes it worthwhile. I have a beautiful family now - a daughter 9 1/2 and twin boys 6 years old. I feel I am truly blessed, but my story and road to success was not an easy one.

Developing the Fertility Pillow™

During my struggle to get pregnant, my husband and I tried many methods. After many failed attempts to conceive, I began to study HOW and WHY women get pregnant. It always interested me the mechanics behind it all.

The idea was to get the egg and the sperm to meet, so I studied the subject and spoke with many fertility specialists. The position, inclination, and duration of that position after intercourse is very important to conceiving. Many times, just having sex is not enough on the road to conception. Some other possible modern day factors that may make getting pregnant difficult include:

Hormones added to our daily food (meat, vegetables and fruit) may affect "our" hormones and body's ability to conceive.
Women are starting to try to have children later in life.
Stress of long hours at work - our bodies are too stressed and weak to easily succeed in conception.

With the determination to get pregnant I set out to create a product that would help me acheive my greatest dream - having a child. That is how I invented the Fertility Pillow™.

With it's use I now have a beautiful family. I wanted to help women who are trying to conceive have the same joy of having a child, so I that is why I'm making the Fertility Pillow™ now available to all of you. Although our pillow is a patented design, you don't need a doctor's perscription to use it!

Even if you are using other methods to boost your fertility, you owe it to yourself to try this pillow as well. At $139 -FREE S&H the pillow is very affordable in comparison to fertility shots and pills, so don't hesitate and order today!

Good luck and don't forget to have fun making the baby!

All the best,

Dr. Dayna

The Fertility Pillow™ has an added bonus! Using this pillow also serves to better access the "G spot" in women as well.

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