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Pregnancy Pillow
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Pregnancy Pillow

Great Pregnancy Solution

The Pregnancy Pillow is composed of three parts. The bottom is for support. There is a pillow on top of the big pillow (it has a figure 8 shape). This pillow is designed to conform to the buttocks. It is also very soft for comfort. On top of the figure 8 pillow there is a cylindrical pillow designed to conform to the area between the woman's legs. It is there to restrict the outflow of semen after intercourse, acting almost like a partial plug.
It comes fully assembled and includes one pillow and one pillowcover. Pillowcover comes in Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Sea Mist Green and Hot Pink. FREE SHIPPING for a limited time! No guarantee to get pregnant with use.

Includes one pillow and one pillowcover and
FREE "Lucky Pocket" (optional).

Notice the pocket on the side of the pillow? You can place a lucky object such as
a picture or a memento in that pocket as long as it is not sharp or hard enough to
hurt yourself while using the pillow. It will give you that "extra little something".

Pocket approximately 3" x 2.5"

Additional Pillowcovers
Our Pillowcovers are made of soft, plush, velvety material fitted specially for your Fertility Pillow. Your choice of Baby Blue, Baby Pink, Sea Mist Green, Hot Pink.


How to use it.

The pillow is composed of 3 parts. The bottom is designed to take the weight of the couple. There is a second pillow on top of the main support pillow which is designed for comfort. It has the figure 8 shape to conform to our buttocks. On top of the figure 8 pillow is a cylindrical shaped pillow in the center of the figure eight to restrict the outflow of semen after intercourse. It comes fully assembled.

The Fertility Pillow™ is placed under the female pelvic region causing the vagina to tilt backward, which helps the partner deposit sperm closer to the cervix to increase the likelihood of pregnancy. It is very important to remain in that position after having intercourse.  The woman must stay in that place for about 30 minutes.


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